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Psychology for Digital Behavior Change (DBC)

USD $349  $499
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With crypto payments

15 hours of on-demand DBC lessons

9 weeks of LIVE ABD tutorials

3 psychological design guides

12 behavioral design templates

Private support group

DBC & ABD Completion Certificates

DBCC & ABDC Mastery Certificates

2 years unlimited LIVE tutorials

2 years access to all updates

2 years behavioral science software

Emotional Design Psychology (EDP)

USD $279 $399
Save 30% ($120)

With crypto payments

10 hours of on-demand EDP lessons

9 weeks of LIVE ABD tutorials

2 emotional design guides

12 behavioral design templates

Private support group

EDP & ABD Completion Certificates

EDPC & ABDC Mastery Certificates

2 years unlimited LIVE tutorials

2 years access to all updates

2 years behavioral science software

Complete Package (DBC & EDP)

USD $559$798
Save 30% ($239)

With crypto payments

25 hours of on-demand DBC & EDP lessons

9 weeks of LIVE ABD tutorials

5 design guides

12 behavioral design templates

Private support group

DBC, EDP & ABD Completion Certificates

DBCC, EDPC & ABDC Mastery Certificates

3 years unlimited LIVE tutorials

3 years access to all updates

3 years behavioral science software

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Risk Warnings for Safe Exchanges

Those who are new to cryptocurrency payments need to be aware of the common risks to ensure that they have a safe cryptocurrency payment experience.

Since cryptocurrency payments are trustless, you’re responsible for verifying that everything is correct. There’s nobody to help you if you make a mistake.

AlterSpark Corp. and AlterSpark LLC are not responsible for mistakes made in the payment process. So we want to ensure that you are aware of the standard risks, so you know what to do, and what NOT to do.

To stay safe, please follow these common practices to ensure correct payments:

Verify you are sending the right coin:
You MUST send the cryptocurrency to our wallet that you selected for payment. If you send the wrong cryptocurrency, there is a risk of losing your money. For example, if you opt to pay in Bitcoin you MUST send bitcoin. Sending the wrong cryptocurrency can result in the loss of the coins that cannot be recovered. Always triple check before sending.

Verify you are using the correct wallet address:
If you send your payment to the wrong address, you will be at risk of losing your payment. The onus is on you to check that your payments are being sent to the correct address. One common practice is to check the first and last 4 digits of the destination address to ensure that they match 100%.


If you are new to crypto, see our crypto advice page.

Customer concern message

We recognize both the benefits and risks associated with cryptocurrency payment methods, which are still early stage technologies. We offer lower rates for cryptocurrency payments to compensate for the added complexity, risks associated with irreversible mistakes, and tax policies that governments are inventing on the fly.

We don’t want any of our students to feel over incentivized to enroll with cryptocurrency unless they feel comfortable. We are using Coinbase as the largest and most trusted online cryptocurrency platform.

If you prefer regular currency, visit our normal enrollment page.

How does enrollment work?

After you complete the enrollment process in our online payment gateway, we will send you an access code which you will use to join our online community. From there, you’ll get instant access to our online training, downloads, and find the sign-up sheet for our LIVE training.

What type of invoice do you issue?

You will receive an invoice in USD paid with cryptocurrency. To simplify our tax reporting, we administer all cryptocurrency payments through AlterSpark Corp., our Canadian Corporation which runs the Behavioral Design Academy. If you require any modifications to your invoice, such as a EU VAT number or something else, contact us.

Cryptocurrency Payment Terms

  • Invoices are issued in USD equivalent and issued by our Canadian corporation AlterSpark Corp. 
  • At present, we accept BTC, ETH, LTC, USDC, and a few other coins.
  • Some cryptocurrencies are volatile, which means the price may fluctuate while completing transactions. To ensure a fair price, we set the volatility threshold to go up or down by 0.5%. This means that from the point of purchase, the price may fluctuate up or down by 0.5%. This is the default setting, which we believe is fair. In the case of large price volatility, the transaction may fail.