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Crypto payment tech

Progressive banks, governments, and corporations are slowly adopting cryptocurrencies.

However, cryptocurrency payments are not yet integrated into mainstream payment systems.

For this reason, we’re using our shop to administer all cryptocurrency payments, which we run parallel to our traditional payment gateways.


Early adopter discounts

Since mainstream usage of cryptocurrency is still a few years away, we’re offering better rates for our early adopter students, who are comfortable enrolling with crypto payments.

We’re keen to sort out all these issues with our students, whether they are crypto pros or newcomers keen to jump in and start learning.

We recommend Coinbase for crypto newbs

If you have never made a crypto currency payment before, we recommend starting with Coinbase. They have one of the simplest interfaces and straightforward methods for you to transfer funds to your crypto account. Additionally, Coinbase has a stringent vetting process, which means they only list cryptocurrency projects that have pass tough vetting–making it a good starting point for beginners.

Our payment gateway uses Coinbase, which provides an additional level of integration that will simplify the process even more. You can also use the Coinbase app and scan the QR code which is the safest way of ensuring a smooth transaction.

Once you build familiarity in Coinbase, it will be easier to branch out to other cryptocurrency technologies.

Crypto practice product

Many people prefer to make small cryptocurrency transactions before completing larger ones. This is why we set up a $1 product that you can use to test our system.

Our $1 testing product will let you complete a full cryptocurrency exchange so you can see what the process is like. You’ll use Coinbase as the payment gateway. Then our system will give you an account, issue an invoice, and send you a $2 promo code so that the learning experience won’t cost you anything.

Click here to practice on our $1 learning product:

Need help?

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